Be a part of this album with me


After deciding “Mind Games” would be my final full-length record, the feeling of not writing or being a part of something started to eat at me.. I flirted with the idea of doing an EP that contains more of my primary roots as a metal lover, & I am excited to announce that this is officially happening!

Traditionally I’d do crowd-funding campaigns, with goals, top donators, etc, however, I don’t want to add extra pressure to this. I write / release all of my music for free, so for this one, if you want to donate & be a part of this album with me, I’d be extremely grateful! I am constantly reinvesting the money I generate back into my music / productions, so I can expand my abilities as a producer. Your support is what’s making all of this possible.. I genuinely mean that. Without you, I’m nothing. – Matty 

Estimated Release is August/September


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