Matty is an autodidact, who discovered his love for music in his mid-teenage years. From the moment he saw musicians performing live, that inner flame was lit & has never went out.

“For most of my life, I had this undying desire to be a professional athlete.. Now don’t get me wrong, I was good.. however in a world filled with elites, I certainly wasn’t going to make the cut. The strange thing is, after I became a musician, I realized that I’ve never truly loved anything else in my life before.. With sports it was fulfilling because it was fun, but music man.. music changed my life forever.”

Matty is currently an official artist for EMG Pickups, InTune Guitar Picks, & SIT Strings. Being welcomed by such prestigious companies who are endorsing some of the biggest names in the world, is one of the most memorable accomplishments of his career. 

Matty has also co-written a variety of songs with Multi-Platinum Artist Lukas Rossi — Frontman of Tommy Lee‘s Super Group “Rockstar Supernova”