Distorted stories

The ocean tide comes crashing in
Forced to feel the wrath of sin
From birth I’ve felt misunderstood
Nothing to me was ever good

This pulse is rapid, I know that’s true
With every beat comes something new
What is the point? I scream in rage
Help me escape this loathsome cage

“Play the part as best you can”
Thinking back, I should’ve ran
Horror & spite; it still controls
There’s nothing left but broken holes

Wicked trees; forgotten glories
We’re make belief in distorted stories
Who am I? Who are You?
Is anything in life really true? 

Grab a pen & write this down
My final words; I’m leaving town

Somewhere high, or far down below
The truth was lost so long ago
Don’t lose faith — hold on to hope
There’s no escape at the end of your rope