fairytale love

In the blink of an eye, your life changes pace
Time’s standing still; we’re lost in space
It feels unfamiliar; the love consumes
Only to find out, that life resumes

What are these feelings? They feel so good
It’s safer to run away.. & I know I should
You’re the drug I never took, yet you still control me
Blinded by the light, as I forget who I used to be

There’s pain in dissonance, but you took it away
Harmonic connection, every single day
Our lives were notes, that seemed to fit the page
Sadly it turned into depression & rage

From a lullaby to darkness. From major to minor
From love to hate.. We lost our liner
Letting go was hard. It killed me to walk away
But all of me knows you’ll be happy someday

Lonely roaming feels like home to me
A constant reminder of the love I used to see
Fairytale love, & fictitious glory
Sadly I die alone at the end of my story

When I’m gone, please remember this..
You were always my favourite kiss
I didn’t know how to feel loved, my heart it betrays
This pain has broken me in so many ways

Thank you for trying, you gave me it all
I’m sorry you had to watch it all fall
I’ll miss you, but this is for the best
This chapter is over, now go enjoy the rest