There’s comfort in gloom that I can’t seem to shake
So much love, yet my heart continues to break
Sadness is comfort to the broken mind
Roaming this world, yet peace — I can’t find

I need to get lost in an unfamiliar place
Embracing difference, surrounded by space
An island to be stranded on, blissfully lost
Though everything beautiful comes at a cost

A sunrise is evil to a mourning heart
Forever an indicator of yet another start
This land isn’t our own, we’re not alone
So picture perfect — we should’ve known

Observe the black bird soaring through the sky 
The bird of death, so beautifully high
A monster of smoke, ripping you to shreds
3 cheers to all the missing heads 

They walk among us, but they aren’t one of us
The truth it hurts, yet we’re forced to discuss
We can only play pretend for so long
Heartbreak is inevitable in this very depressing song 

I’ll say I loved you, you’ll wave goodbye
The pain it hurts, we’ll want to die
Time will heal, I swear it’s true
In another life, it’ll be Me & You