Paint me the villain

Paint Me The Villain

You’re finally free,
Cause I was so bad, right? 
Your pain is deceit
It’s all make belief

There are holes where you used to be 
I fear you’ll never truly see me 
Isolated in agony; you’re a fucking thief
Ripped apart — go play the martyr 

Aimlessly roaming in the abyss 
How did life come to this? 
Pain consumes me,
While you fucking live freely 

Paint me the villain
I’ll gladly play the part
Whatever helps you shine
To the fake fucks who are next in line 

Too stupid to listen
Too dumb to commit 
Fake reassurance is held sacred
While you lose everything that is real

You lie awake 
Fantasy will control 
To help you fucking sleep 

Desperate and weak
There’s something to it
How ironic
Your truth’s brightest in despair

I can taste the air
In a life without you 
A life without you all 
Alone is my happy place

You’re all fucking liars
I swear I see the truth
These masks will always consume
Ride your way to everyone new

A mouth to borrow;
You let them use you, to make yourself feel desired
You think they want you, 
Yet your anthem is the sound of them walking out the front door