Permanently Haunted

Permanently Haunted

I loved you, but I never held you
I needed you, but life said no
You were my forever,
In a world filled with loss

Those days will always haunt me
We did what we had to
I couldn’t take the risk
This life is so fucked up

If I had to be a father, 
I would’ve been a good one
Fate had other plans
It truly killed me 

I’d never let you become
The victim of a broken home
Inherit my sickness, 
It’s wicked, & twisted

A premature taste of hell
Our DNA assures it well 
I’m so sorry, please forgive me
This world is cruel, I yell 

You’ll never meet your mother,
We failed to love each other
We never figured it out, 
You escaped a broken home

I’ll always imagine you
Blonde hair, with a smile on your face
My looks, and my brains,
Her heart, but my name

I’ll never meet you
But i’ll always love you
I’m so sorry, baby girl
In another life you’ll be my world

I’ll cry a million tears before I forget
For the rest of my life I’ll live in regret 
An inevitable choice, you were set free 
But I still sleep easy, cause you’ll never be me.