My Digital Diary

Writing will forever be my escape

Hey guys! I’m Matty Shreds, from Ontario, Canada! Poetry has always been a therapeutic outlet of mine — seems like the only way to resurface emotions without completely losing control. If you enjoy any of my poems, feel free to repost them, just be sure to link my social media accounts/website when doing so! @mattyshreds | Enjoy !

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Distorted Stories
Matty Shreds

The ocean tide comes crashing in
Forced to feel the wrath of sin
From birth I’ve felt misunderstood
Nothing to me was ever good

This pulse is rapid, I know that’s true
With every beat comes something new
What is the point? I scream in rage

Help me escape this loathsome cage

“Play the part as best you can”
Thinking back, I should’ve ran
Horror & spite; it still controls
There’s nothing left but broken holes

Wicked trees; forgotten glories
We’re make belief in distorted stories
Who am I? Who are You?
Is anything in life really true? 

Grab a pen & write this down
My final words; I’m leaving town

Somewhere high, or far down below
The truth was lost so long ago
Don’t lose faith — hold on to hope
There’s no escape at the end of your rope

June 23rd, 2022

Fairytale Love
Matty Shreds

In the blink of an eye, your life changes pace
Time’s standing still; we’re lost in space
It feels unfamiliar; the love consumes
Only to find out, that life resumes

What are these feelings? They feel so good
It’s safer to run away.. & I know I should
You’re the drug I never took, yet you still control me
Blinded by the light, as I forget who I used to be

There’s pain in dissonance, but you took it away
Harmonic connection, every single day
Our lives were notes, that seemed to fit the page
Sadly it turned into depression & rage

From a lullaby to darkness. From major to minor
From love to hate.. We lost our liner
Letting go was hard. It killed me to walk away
But all of me knows you’ll be happy someday

Lonely roaming feels like home to me
A constant reminder of the love I used to see
Fairytale love, & fictitious glory
Sadly I die alone at the end of my story

When I’m gone, please remember this..
You were always my favourite kiss
I didn’t know how to feel loved, my heart it betrays
This pain has broken me in so many ways

Thank you for trying, you gave me it all
I’m sorry you had to watch it all fall
I’ll miss you, but this is for the best
This chapter is over, now go enjoy the rest

June 20th, 2022