“Writing helps us discover who we truly are”

Matty Shreds

Writing is the only place that allows me to truly escape. Despite the evident absence of joyousness within it, it helps free my mind from the darkness that consumes me.

In a world where fabricated strength is the epitome of what “mass appeal” looks like, I’m comfortable being an outsider—ironically, it’s one of the only aspects of life that actually makes me feel happy; an oddity, yet a notable idiosyncrasy of mine.

Is furtive love something that offers more power
than the superficial charm of social glamour?
Never before have I ever felt more deceived
by smiles than in this moment.

I woke up thinking of you again.
Every impulse in my body is screaming for you.
How do I ignore my soul’s reflection in a world that’s otherwise predominantly meaningless?

Her dauntless mien, is absent from love.
Pity surrounds the surface of her demeanour.
Her gloomy expression,
makes you uneasy at sight.
How can you tell someone,
to be someone else,
if you’re not even a someone,
to someone else, yourself?

broken emotions

Illustrating the demons that took over my mind
Dark & Evil, they’re one of a kind
They deprive your happiness,
Enjoying your hate..


Your memories are presented with many different faces. Somedays I go to sleep feeling comforted by the knowingness that we shared so many moments together, while others twist the..

guardian of the dead

The clock is ticking
whether you like it or not
We’ll soon be dead,
in a casket to rot

emotional relapse

Emotions are heavy,
I don’t know what to feel
Is this relapse temporary?
Or is this love for real?


“The Forgotten”


These trees scream liar,
while you preach love
Yet you chose the martyr
& what it dies of..


I’m lost in a dream,
& not the good kind,
It’s the one where you scream,
& it fucks with your mind


Before I jump, I want you to see
All of the things that you did to me
Not in person, or in visual form
I will write you the literary storm

dark art

“Voices That Taunt”