The Shreds Society is a place where fans become family. This is a donation based system, where everyone can contribute monthly to Matty Shreds, & support his music career. Unlike streaming services, royalties, and other 3rd party distribution, where a bunch of people take a cut before the artist even sees any money, all revenue generated here goes to Matty directly!

Previously, there was a login system for users to login, however due to lack of user activity, maintenance & complications, the Society is going to be returning to a simple donation system & members will be invited to the exclusive / private Facebook page. If you’re not a Facebook user, your email will also be added to the Mailing List for members, & you will receive updates about perks, giveaways, early releases, etc! This is a bonus to some degree, because you won’t have another username/password to remember!

This is all based on fairness, so whether you contribute $4 or $100 / month, everyone has an equal chance of receiving free merchandise, & having access to all of the perks. When you join, be sure to click “Make this a monthly donation” — regardless of your contribution, you’re always welcome. 🙂 

Welcome to the family!

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