the end of it all


Shattered to pieces, I’ve lost control
The end of a rope is a rainbow to the dark
Your cupid is a liar, He feeds on broken souls
You’ll trust every word because it’s all that you know

Selling yourself only hurts you 
Let’s play pretend.. we’ll act like everything’s alright
In my heart I know, You wanted to hurt me from the start.

I knew it all along

So stab me again; There’s nothing left to take
All the blood has been drained; Punished for loving a fake 
This tarnished shell is hollow.. Stripped from everything I once was
When you see me, Do you see the scars? 

This world created a monster — I’ll find my strength again 
One day I’ll watch… Watch You suffer for being You
You’re invited too.. Come watch what You did to You
Betrayal is an act of the weak.. You make me sick

This is the end of it all