The Girl In Red

The girl in red

written by Matty Shreds

I woke up thinking of you again.
Every impulse in my body is screaming for you.
How do I ignore my soul’s reflection in a world
that’s otherwise predominantly meaningless?

Complex variables redefining life’s obscure capacities.
I know that it’s wrong, I know that it’s a billion to one,
yet for the first time in my life — you gave me faith.

I’m in love with a stranger.
Certifiably crazy; a societal monstrosity.
But love couldn’t possibly be formed within the circumstances of such parameters.. right?

How can I know that I would turn this world upside down for you,
while simultaneously I’m afraid to even move?
If you have something worth living for, you have everything to lose.

The girl in red; a dream I’ll never forget; a feeling I’ll never regret.
Passion flows through my veins, I can feel your hands; I know your touch.
Your voice echoed in my mind before I ever even heard it.. with a laugh that can heal a broken man’s soul.

How can we fight this urge? Is not trying the murderer of love?
Or.. is trying the murderer of love? I crave your taste — I’ve never felt a more powerful desire.
In a soulless lust consumed world, the thought of your body on mine fills me with the fire that I’m playing with.

How do you ignore such a feeling?
My body physically clenches when thinking about having you.
My heart pounds when visualizing all of the boundaries that we’d effortlessly break;
an intimate feeling most couldn’t even begin to dream of let alone experience.
Who are you? What have you done to me?

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