Before I Jump

written by Matty Shreds

Before I jump, I want you to see
All of the things that you did to me
Not in person, or in visual form
I will write you the literary storm

From start to finish; dusk til dawn
You’re nothing more than a fucking pawn
We’re not Kings & Queens in a fairytale story
At the end of this, you better be sorry

Shivers creep up my tattered spine
Numb from pain and misalign
What you did still haunts me — tormented at best
Engraved on my tombstone, when I get put to rest

Nothing left but skin & bones
From abstract art, to monotones
Gloom consumes this abolished mind
The things I would do for a permanent rewind

My worth is scraping on the pavement
Can you see now what you’ve done to me?
Will your revenge add to this broken vessel?
When I’m ashes, I’ll leave you a pestle

Keep beating me down, even when I’m dead
Slay me in hell, you’re fucked in the head
Does your soul not have limits? Why are you this way?
Karma is coming.. It’ll find you someday

I won’t be in heaven, cause that’s for the good
If it wasn’t for you, surely I would..
I chose to be in hell, so I can watch you burn
Patiently waiting, you’ll have your turn

There must be evil that flows through me now
I can feel it — you taught me how
Your silver lining is fucking burned
You stupid fuck, you should’ve learned

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