carpe noctem


Poison rain, faded Light
Down it pours, as day turns night
The sky is grey, with clouds above
Dimly shines, the moon of love

Waves they crash against the wall
The eerie winds, cause leaves to fall
Dying trees, silhouetted to sight
Though everything feels, so perfectly right

Carpe Noctem; seize the night 
That’s when ideas, are best to write
Mind clears; in seeps glory
Blood drips on page, while writing the story

On the edge of the book lies ashes
Fire surrounds, as the world around crashes
I know that soon it will smoulder 
I miss what it feels like to hold her

I’m lost in a dream
& not the good kind
It’s the one where you scream
& it fucks with your mind

Horror fills every sketch book
Reminding me of the happiness that you took
What you stole cannot be replaced
It’s gone forever; it’s not misplaced