The Martyr

The Martyr

written by Matty Shreds
Stripped of blame, everyone’s deceived
A beast vs a hare, or so it’s perceived
The villain seeking glory; drowning in a drought

I’m struggling to find what life’s all about

Is there truth? Could this be real?
Numbness consumes — I’m dying to feel
These trees scream liar, while you preach love
Yet you chose the martyr & what it dies of..
My mind can’t process those depths of evil
Constantly at war, it feels medieval
Morphed & broken, swarmed by defeat
Everyday, I wish we didn’t meet
You brush it off; it never mattered
Just like our love; forever battered
You’ve fooled the world —congratulations
While all your paths have broken foundations
Karma will find you, or so I hope
You’ll burn for those You ended in rope
Warped & wicked has an expiration date
Hell is reserved for your longterm fate

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