Broken Emotions

Broken Emotions

written by Matty Shreds

Illustrating the demons, that took over my mind,
dark and evil, They’re one of a kind.
They deprive your happiness, enjoying your hate,
because they decide, your long term fate.

They seize your thoughts, demolishing your dreams,
I feel useless, nor worthy, or so it seems.
Assassinating the child, that once lived in me,
blindfolded with evil, it’s all I’ll ever see.

Over powered by wrath, it’s all I ever feel,
Mind filled with sorrow, I will never heal.
Acknowledging these thoughts, they’re controlling my days,
I remain broken, truly in haze.

Burning the bridge, that has lead me the way,
Clueless and lonely, I will begin to stray.
This dark path, I’ve been forced to take,
Leaves me broken, as I lie awake.

As I lay here, I’ll elaborate,
All I feel is darkness and hate.
Demons from hell, cause this grief,
Subliminally the worlds, most dangerous thief.

Once I’m deceased, they’ll scream and cheer,
loud enough, for all to hear.
The reward of my passing, their job is done,
Not only do they know, the war’s just begun.

The devil will rise, and the Gods will stand,
I’ll come back an angel, and hold up my hand.
I’ll demand punishment, for all I’ve been through,
God is my saviour, as everyone knew.

The battle’s begun, as the fight goes on,
As we figure out, their biggest con.
Their weakness is pride, as we all stand tall,
We open our eyes, as they begin to fall.

The victory at last, the freedom, they cheer,
All the crying families, and thanks we hear.
Forever no more evil, your days move on,
Remember me as an angel, but from earth, I’m gone.

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