Absent From Love

Absent From Love

written by Matty Shreds

Her dauntless mien, is absent from love.
Pity surrounds the surface of her demeanour.
Her gloomy expression, makes you uneasy at sight.
Evident illusory; fictitious purity, that masks the real despicable being of who she truly is.

Malignant purpose, to cause mental harm;
innocently proclaiming purity; absurdity; pathetic lie.
Manipulating those around you, scarring those who once stood beside you,
while give a derisory amount of pathetic false hope.

The ghost that haunts your dreams; casting a malign veil around you.
The abundance of weight, stacked on your shoulders,
due to the unpleasant company of your virulent past.
Mind filled with sorrow; corrupted by pain and disguised hope.

Where an innocent man once lived, is now invaded,
by broken down pieces, that reflect who you used to be.

Pieces of broken mirror, flipping over and over, with each side casting opposites.
My flummoxed mind, cannot fathom the disgusting reality that the present portrays.

I cannot find consistency in this abstract world.

What once was clear font, has slowly melted into indecipherable smudge.
My journey is set on cruise control; may the path take me, to where I belong.

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