Guardian of The Dead

Guardian of The DEad

written by Matty Shreds

It seems no mater what I do in this life..
Pain always seems to break in and find me
I don’t know what else to do..
Maybe I’ll just become the guardian of the dead

When I let go, I get pulled back in
There’s nothing in life that’s left to win
Help me believe, help me escape
My wrists are bleeding, I’m not in good shape

Everyone seems to look down on me
While also praising so loudly
It’s like I’m on a pedestal’s that’s oven hot
I thought I had it all together, but clearly not

It wasn’t a dream
This is real life..
I’m drowning now
With no one left in sight

Take my hand & don’t let go
I ready now, but I feel so low
Are you there? Can you hear me?
I’m not well.. Can’t you tell?

1 life less, is better than a world lifeless
But no one cares, it’s just a husband wifeless
A mother lost her kid; another dropped dead
1 less story that’s left unsaid

The clock is ticking whether you like it or not
We’ll soon be dead, in a casket to rot
Take it for granted; you’ll live in regret
For a heartfelt goodbye that you’ll never get

We’re so consumed with life on our own
Yet our love is fading, get off your phone
Take time n look up, Yeah that is real
Not all that fake shit you try to feel

The truth it haunts, cause they all deceive
No matter who it is that I try to believe 
Cherish those who live in love
Someday soon, they’ll be up above

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